Review – Bird Camden : Gluten Free Fried Chicken!

During January everyone starts thinking about their food intake and what they can change to make themselves feel better. Many people cut out or reduce their wheat intake and I have friends who follow a wheat-free diet for health reasons. But we still need our indulgences and I’m a big fan of healthier indulgence. It’s not the ‘healthy’ surrounded by leaves and couscous, but taking something unhealthy and making it a bit better.

Bird is a small chain of restaurants in London who do fantastic fried chicken, yet all their restaurants are gluten free so you can indulge without worrying about your wheat intake or an intolerance. They do a simple range of chicken, with loads of sauces and dips, plus a great range of veggie options, sides and drinks.

Their staple is their mixed skillet, shown below is the small skillet for £7, there is a large version but the portions are so big this was enough for a decent lunch for me! Fries are an extra £3.

However, they are the home of the ‘Waffle Burger’ and this creation is truly special. Two chicken fillets, cheese and various other bits in between two waffles. Looks ridiculous but tastes amazing!

The kids menu is fantastic. £7 for two courses, it’s very simple but something for most tastes. There’s mini waffle, boneless chicken or a traditional burger. You can choose fries or salad as your side and ice cream comes for pudding. There are veggie options for children too.

I really like it here, the chicken is mouthwatering and my gluten-free friends don’t forgive me when I go without them! They have branches in Shoreditch, Islington, Camden (shown above) and Westfield Stratford.

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