I’m John, a Dad to three boys aged 4, 16 and 18, who loves cooking and experimenting in my kitchen. We live in Surrey with my lovely missus Samantha and (don’t judge me) my in-laws. It’s a great environment for testing out new things, getting feedback and hopefully empty plates.

After 15 years in food marketing, annoying friends and family with a seemingly endless round of lunches and dinners ‘for business’, many of them suggested I should blog about my cooking.

I love traditional British food, but take inspiration from global cuisine, still anchoring it in decent, wholesome food for my family. You’ll see me doing very standard staples like roast potatoes, and bigger stuff likes curries and posh cakes. Sometimes they won’t work or will look a bit rubbish but I’ve not yet done anything people have refused to eat!

Have a look around, try something out, let me know how it goes. Don’t forget to check out Dad That Cooks on Youtube where I’ll be doing videos of some of my absolutely favourite food!

Feel free to contact me by email: