Recipe – Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

Here’s a fantastic use of that old favourite, the Yorkshire Pudding. I’ve shown you in another recent recipe how to make a traditional pud but this is a variant that makes a whole meal for 4-6 people.

You will need:

  • 100 g plain flour
  • 200ml milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 350g beef in stir fry strips
  • 6 frozen hash browns
  • 1 large or 2 small red onions
  • Generous handful of rocket
  • Horseradish sauce
  • Salt, pepper and cooking oil

Now, as this is one of my first recipes I should mention that I’m a cook that doesn’t tend to worry about faffing with correct weights or sifting everything. I’ve been chucking stuff together for years and have found that it’s actually more about general mix of ingredients and certainly the cooking method that gets results, not getting everythiong down to the gramme.

So, preheat your oven to 230 degrees and put in a standard size oven tray that has sides at least 1cm tall, which has had around 3 tablespoons of oil poured in. Let this heat up with the oven. Yorkshire like proper hot pans!

Make the pudding mix, preferably in a bowl with a spout:

Yorkshire Pudding Mix

To the flour, add a sprinkle of salt, crack in the three eggs and get your whisk ready. Electric is preferable but vigorous hand whisking is fine. Slowly pour in the milk and whisk until all the milk has been added. Carry on getting lots of air in with the whisk until the top bubbles, then pop it in the fridge to chill while the oven warms up.

Once the oven is hot enough, bring the pudding mix out of the fridge. Carefully bring the oven tray out of the oven (it will be very hot) and pour the mix into the tray quickly, moving it to the edges, returning it to the oven straight away.

This needs to bake for only 10 minutes but keep checking it’s not burning at the edges. Once it’s ready, take it out the oven, leave in the tray to cool and turn the oven down to 180 degrees.

YP Wrap 5

Slice the onions into thin slices and put into a small baking dish with the beef. Add a generous amount of salt and pepper, together with two tablespoons of oil and then mix so everything is coated and mixed.

Beef Mix

Cover this with tin foil and place in the oven, which should now have reached the right temperature. After 10 minutes, take out the beef, give it a stir, recover and return it to the oven, adding the hash browns on a separate tray. Cook these all for another 20 minutes.

Once done, it’s time for the fun stuff. Construct your wrap on the long edge, assuming you’re going to roll it away from you. Spread half a jar of horseradish across the bottom of the pudding. Place the beef and onions (but not any of the juices) across the pudding just up from the bottom (check out the photo), then the chopped hash browns just above and the rocket just above that, leaving a good inch or two of pudding remaining at the top.

YP Wrap 6

Then roll it up! You’ll you can do this fairly tightly as the base of the pudding will have some slack but make sure you don’t tear it. You’ll end up with a big sausage roll which you can then cut into 4 to 6 pieces.

Serve these on their own (it is a meal in itself) or with a salad. You can add a lovely onion chutney for dipping or even do an instant gravy (or even more hash browns!)

Total nommage and don’t worry about kids with the horseradish, it adds a depth that won’t scare them and they probably won’t notice!

You can of course use proper roast beef if you’re up for splurging a little. Check out my tips for great roast beef.

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