How To – Roast Potatoes

A quick ‘how to’ on roast potatoes, a very important part of any roast dinner. My tip here is all about the process of putting them in the oven…

The oven can be set to whatever your roast is in at, or if you’re doing them on their own, 180 degrees is fine. Put in an oven tray liberally oiled (or with a large scoop of lard, dripping or goose fat if you’re going all posh). Let the tray warm up while you cook the potatoes.

Peel the spuds, try and keep them a good size when cutting up. You can boil them (place in cold salted water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes) but if you can, I would suggest you steam them.

If you don’t have a big enough pot to steam them in, I can recommend one of these, which expands into any pot and allows a big number of potatoes to be done. The one shown is from Ikea.

Steamer Insert from Ikea

Steam the potatoes in a lidded pot for 20 minutes. Or use a steamer you might have. Make sure if you’re using a pot, you don’t let it simmer dry.

Once ready, drain the potatoes and take the roasting tray out of the oven. This sounds like a real faff but spoon the potatoes individually onto the tray making sure a curved edge, not a flat base, is in contact with the try. This will stop any sticking and get a full crispy coating.

Then spoon the oil over each potato. A turkey baster is perfect for this. It will seal the potatoes and make them extra crunchy. Shake the tin and put it in the oven. They will take around 70 minutes depending on the temperature of your oven. Enjoy!

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