Big Build – Week 7 Roofing, Floors, Internal Walls and Plastering

It really is all coming together. The roof and internal walls are progressing and we start the finishing off process with the first plastering.

The internal walls are being filled with insulation (sound and heat) then plasterboarded. Not all of them are being done quite yet as Voodoo (our chippy) has to build in additional support for things like radiators and vanity units, this will come next week. The floor is going in too, which makes walking round a little easier!

The roof was felted and battened, ready for the tiling next week. As things have carried on, we have gradually increased our insulation and downstairs, and where we have been living has finally got warmer. We’re very grateful our autumn has been so mild so far.

Roof with Felt and Battens

Downstairs we had things plastered for the first time, the steels were boxed in and they were plastered, along with a couple of walls and ceilings. We are up against it to get our space downstairs ready for Christmas – we need to plaster, level the floor, lay underfloor heating and laminate… there is so much to do I’m beginning to plan to book into a hotel!

Oh, and we finally got our bath out from our current bathroom. It was destroyed in the process as we needed to take a kango hammer to the wall to break the tiles and cement. It was super dusty! It was also interesting to see the lack of finishing underneath, with holes in the wall and old decorating still in place. Even if you are hiding things away, you should still finish them properly, I feel.

Bath Removal

If you’d like to ask any questions, please contact me below:


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