Big Build – Week 6 It’s All About The New Roof!

More wood this week, lots more wood!

Quite focused this week on the roof, building the remaining internal walls and doing more of the ceiling electrics. Darren is our sparky and he’s been great at doing everything we wanted quite efficiently, including routing cables from a CCTV kit I had bought. I had to do another drawing for all the switches and sockets, I should have also done the positions for the spotlights but hadn’t thought of that when Darren wanted to put in the cabling so aside from a couple of rooms, I let him pace them in typical positions central to each room. You can specify a position to the nearest mm if you’re that fussy.

The main work involved finishing the framework of the roof which was built on site as a ‘traditional cut roof’. This involved ceiling joists, rafters, purlins and all manner of names for things which just looked like timber to me! It was great to see it being built though and climbing up the scaffolding for what may be the one and only time I get up to ridge height was a real adventure. I’m not sure I could do it for a living! The view from our bedroom window across the allotments next door will be wonderful to wake up to.

The first bit of plasterboarding went in, where the Megaflow is going, so that Kevin the plumber can do the pipework and install the kit next week. It was interesting to see everything starting to be enclosed.


And finally, we discovered that the really lovely bath in our current bathroom downstairs, that we wanted to take upstairs, is chased into the wall by an inch each end. This bathroom is becoming a utility shower room and the boiler is going in there so the bath needed to go anyway. So we’ve reluctantly decided to break it up to get it out and get a new bath for upstairs. I’ve left it to the missus to tell Brian (the demolition specialist!) he needs to attack it next week!


If you’d like to ask any questions, please contact me below:

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