Review – Hook Camden

Who doesn’t love good fish and chips? It’s the Great British Friday tea! There are countless fish bars around the country, many of them doing fantastic traditional fish and chips but I toddled along with the family to Hook in Camden, a little indie sit-down restaurant to check out their claim of doing the ‘best fish and chips in Camden’.

Stripped back concrete walls and metal tables and chairs welcome you, it’s like a mariner’s yard (although a very clean one at that!) The staff are lovely and very helpful.

The menu is very small but perfectly formed. You can do the full three courses gubbins, or some fishy tapas (charred octopus and monkfish carpaccio look like winners) or indeed just fish and chips.

They do ‘proper’ mains, like tuna with wild garlic, cannelloni beans and spring veg, or even a beef short rib which sounded tempting.

However the highlight is definitely the four fish and chips options, essentially the same fish (sourced from Cornwall) but with different coatings and dips. The classic panko breadcrumbs would no doubt be the top seller but we tried the jerk in panko breadcrumbs and the lemon and basil in tempura batter.

It was all wonderful. The fish and coatings were full of flavour, the dips (especially the homemade tartar sauce) fantastic. The chips are sliced flat wedges seasoned in seaweed salt so not your traditional chip but actually very good.

There is a small selection of sides and the wakame and cucumber pickles we tried were a perfect accompaniment (in the regulation Kilner jar, of course).

There is no children’s menu but they can have anything from the main menu in a smaller portion. Jack loved the lemon and basil fish with the chips. It’s all cooked to order to was very hot and needed some cooling time for Jack’s portion.

Adult fish and chips is £13 which can seem a lot but compared to options locally it was very reasonable and worth it for the very special take on a British favourite.

Check them out!

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