Review – Jet2 On-board Plane Food

We were able to have a quick getaway to some winter sun recently and travelled with Jet2 for the first time.

As it was a four hour flight, we pre-booked seats and food. This did add nearly £100 to our holiday cost but we had a free child place anyway.

Firstly, we were impressed with Jet2 overall. Great friendly service, they were very well organised and with modern aircraft, it meant our holiday got off to a wonderful start.

The food is served quite soon into the journey. For around £7 for children and £10 for adults you can pre-order from a selection of British favourites, including (as we had) Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Bolognese and Jack had Sausage and Mash.

You get your food in a bag with a roll and butter, fruit selection and a muffin. You also get a tea, coffee or water.

Now… while you’re there. I have a fab YouTube channel where I do some recipes with my son Jack and our friends help us too. Please pop along to my channel and subscribe. Have a look here. Thank you!

Overall, we were happy with everything. The food was hot and very tasty. Jack liked his sausage, beans and mash. Interestingly, although the kids meals are around £2 cheaper than adult meals, I couldn’t really see a difference in quantity!

The bread roll was a little dry but the fruit and blueberry muffin were excellent.

There are options available without pre-order, including a chilli and my curry, plus toasties and sandwiches. There doesn’t seem to be much of a saving pre-ordering but you have a wider selection and are guaranteed what you want. If there was any real criticism, it would be that wider soft drinks or Fruit Shoots should be available as part of the package.

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