How To – Roast Chicken

Good roast chicken is incredible. Juicy meat, crispy skin, the whole family love it. But chicken doesn’t have the luxury of layers of fat like beef or pork that would self-baste so with a little effort, you can avoid dryness and achieve brilliant roast chicken every time.

I always follow the time guidelines that are on the front of every chicken, but a medium chicken around 1.5kg will take 90 minutes and a 2kg chicken around an hour and 50 minutes, all at 180 degrees.

Preheat your oven and get a large roasting tin ready. Take your chicken out of its packaging and do not wash it (most chickens will say this on them now). Take 100g of softened butter and mix with a liberal sprinkling of salt and pepper. You can add a couple of crushed garlic gloves if you like garlic.

Now, cut or prize the skin at the bottom of the breast away from the meat. Push your fingers in to create a sizeable pocket under the skin on both sides of the breast. Then stuff the majority of the butter mix under the skin, pushing right over the top of the breast. Rub the remaining butter onto the top of the skin, sprinkle more salt and pepper on the skin and place the chicken in the roasting tin. 

Tightly cover the chicken with tin foil and place in the oven. After 30 minutes, remove the foil and baste the chicken, replacing the foil afterwards. Half an hour from the end, baste again and remove the foil completely. Then baste again after 15 minutes. 

This will give you crispy skin, lovely buttery moist chicken and a very happy family!

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