Behind The Scenes – Cooking Up A Fortune

I recently took part in a TV cookery show for Channel 4 called Cooking Up A Fortune. My episodes air from Monday 16th September and will no doubt be on catch up on All4 for a while afterwards! I thought you’d like a glimpse behind the scenes…

Myself and my great friend Jonny entered back in March. I knew Jonny from a previous workplace, I was the Morecambe to his Wise in the field of food innovation! We were told it was a street food competition for enthusiastic cooks and as we love street food with loads of ideas of what we thought would work, we jumped at the chance to take part.

Basically, we would compete with two other pairs in a street food arena, making dishes in a few hours for sale the evening to 50 diners. They could pick and choose what they bought so you had to get your offer and the pricing right. Whoever made the most profit is the winner and the ultimate winner gets their own stall in a proper street food arena in London.

We had to pick an identity for our outlet so called it Dad’s Canteen – two dads making creative, wholesome food for the whole family from global cuisine influences. We were off!

Filming took place in a real street food arena in London during May 2019. It was nerve racking but we’d spent two months creating our ideas, refining recipes, sourcing ingredients and working with suppliers on really special things like Portuguese rolls. Bringing it all into this pressured environment though was something else. We have total respect for street food operators, knowing what they go through every day to do service in such a small, fast paced environment.

Our food was very well received, especially our Vegan Indian Dirty Fries (here’s the recipe!) and we were happy with how we did – the experience was amazing and the two competitors were great fun to be around.

Did we win? Well, I’m not saying, just check it out on Monday or on catch up and see!

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