Recipe – Peach Tarte Tatin

Thanks to my very generous wife, I was lucky enough to eat at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for my 40th birthday (I know, I don’t look it!). Their signature dessert is the Tarte Tatin, a heavenly upside-down apple tart dripping in caramelised loveliness. My wife and I instantly fell in love with it!

I’ve tried a few versions of it since then but this is my favourite, a peach version. Not many ingredients but get it right and it’s amazing!

To serve 4 (or a greedy 2!) you will need:

  • 400g fresh peaches, stoned, cut in halves and flattened a bit. You probably need 7 halves.
  • 75g golden caster sugar
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 1 puff pastry sheet roll, taken out of the fridge half an hour before using
  • Posh vanilla ice cream to serve

The key to this recipe is your pan. You need a frying pan around 20cm wide that is suitable for the oven so no plastic bits.

In the pan, melt the sugar over a medium heat until it turns a golden brown. Don’t stir it, just swirl it now and then. Then take off the heat and stir in the butter with a wooden spoon. It might spit a bit as it’ll be very hot and it might look a bit rubbish but keep stirring until it goes smooth and a chocolatey brown colour. Arrange the peaches on top, with their cut face down. Leave to one side for 20 minutes.

Pop the oven onto 200 degrees.

Roll the pastry out and with a rolling pin, roll it a bit wider then cut a circle the same size as the top edge of the frying pan. Remove the circle from the paper and place on top of the peaches.

Place in the oven for 25 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. Very carefully, turn out the tart onto a large plate. The pan will be scolding hot so have plenty of tea towels ready! Put the plate upside down on the pan and holding the two together, flip it over.

Serve immediately with a generous scoop of ice cream.

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